Digital change is here, are you?

Why are we?

To help customers succeed with their digitalization. We belive that transforming todays digital-analog blur into a digital-human clarity is the key to productivity. The digital system will not be stronger than its users and should facilitate the user to the extent that the user will want to use and explore it.

So to express this the old fashioned way, our major consulting services are: 

  • Project management
  • Studies & investigations
  • Sales & sales educations
  • MES studies & educations, ISA 95

Mission examples  

MES Prestudy

Mission for a large manufacturing plant where the task was to help their manufacturing engineering department foresee the consequences of a planned coming Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and impact of "Industry 4.0". The study was performed during six weeks and started with a workshop where appx 50 initial questions were sorted out from the organisation. Issues were prioritized and grouped together and the report concluded short term actions and long term goals. Interesting and challenging mission where we at an early stage were able to influence the organisation with our, and our networks experience from the MES and productivity perspective.